Victory in Action
Victory in Action
Victory in Action

Victory in Action

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Victory in Action was taken during a massive winter swell in South Beach, Oregon. This was the last time the Victory was out in big surf and was piloted by CO Tom Malloy. This is a 52-foot motor lifeboat performing a training exercise. The Victory has since been decommissioned and is on display in Astoria, Or. 


Builder:  Coast Guard Yard, Curtis Bay, Maryland
Length: 52'
Beam: 14' 7"
Draft: 6' 11"
Displacement: 75,715 pounds
Cost: $235,927
Commissioned: June, 1956 
Machinery:  2 General Motors 6-71 diesels; twin propellers


The steel-hulled 52-foot motor lifeboat was designed for offshore rescue under the worst sea conditions.  They are self-righting and self-bailing and can carry up to 40 survivors.  They were designed by the Coast Guard to replace the 52-foot wooden-hulled motor lifeboats and to complement the shorter-legged 36-foot and 44-foot motor lifeboats.

The 52-footers are constructed of steel.  Among other features that increase their range and endurance, the craft is fitted with a complete galley.  The boat is equipped with 250-gallon-per-minute pump for dewatering and fire fighting.  These are the only Coast Guard vessels under 65-feet in length with names, a tradition started beginning with their 52-foot wooden-hulled predecessors.  Beyond the search and rescue mission, they are also assigned to maritime law enforcement, marine environmental protection, and recreational boating safety duties.

The Victory was constructed by the Coast Guard Yard at Curtis Bay, Maryland and has been stationed at Yaquina Bay, Oregon, during her service career.

Details - VICTORY 

  • Five basic sizes - others upon request
  • 50+ year-rated inks
  • museum-quality luster paper
  • Open edition 
  • Signed by artist 

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